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Business Incubator

Business Incubator - Louisville, MS

Business Incubator – Louisville, MS

Providing space and other forms of support for young and start-up businesses is the objective of the Winston County Business and Industry Incubator (WCBI) in Louisville.  The WCBI offers

  • affordable space for business operations
  • a 17,800-square-foot facility with flexible space
    • for businesses involved in light manufacturing
    • personal and business services
    • research and development
  • additional space, including office areas, in two other facilities
  • business mentoring and resource advice when needed.
Business Incubator Office Space

Business Incubator Office Space

The incubator also arranges for the sharing of

  • office equipment
  • secretarial help
  • conference and meeting rooms.

The incubator was created to make it easier for new companies to prosper in their early stages of development. Established in 2002 by local leaders and volunteers, it is owned and operated by the Winston County Economic Development District Partnership.

For more information, contact Frankie Sullivan at 662-773-8909.

Community Development Fund

Winston Community Development, Inc., was organized in 2008 to provide funding to those starting or expanding a small business. Our goals are to encourage the creation and expansion of small businesses and to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Winston County.

Winston Community Development currently serves small and minority businesses by offering

  • loans
  • accounting advice
  • legal advice
  • assistance with business plans and marketing research.

For more information, contact Gerald Mills at 662-773-8909